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Week 24: I’m running the 40th London Marathon!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Science & technology, care & expertise have ensured that the Head and Neck Cancer that had been growing and spreading in my body has been eliminated, and I live to run another day. But Covid19 has decimated the income of thousands of charities nation-wide, which will have severe implications for people diagnosed with cancer in the future. One reason for the decline in charity income has been the cancellation of mass-participation sporting events, a major source of charity revenue every year.

However, for non-elite runners (cough) The London Marathon has been rescheduled as a virtual event to take place on 4th October, alongside the Elite competition.

This is just too big an opportunity to pass up: as a challenge, to get back to running long distances, and to raise money for charity. So on the 4th October, almost 5 months to the day when by radiation treatment ended, I’ve secured a place in the now virtual 40th London Marathon. What this means is that I can run the marathon anywhere I like, as long as it is outside.

Through registering for this, part of me is questioning my sanity! But I doubt I’ll have the opportunity again, to secure a place on the London Marathon whilst on the recovery route after an intense period of chemoradiation therapy. My race won't be fast, it won't be pretty, but I'm hoping I'll manage more than a stroll in the (Wanstead) park.

I’ve decided to raise money for a small charity that specialises in researching Head and Neck Cancers: the Oracle Cancer Trust. I’ll blog more about them later as an organisation, but definitely check out their website.

In the meantime, I’d love it if you could support me, no matter how small the donation, to help those who are diagnosed with Head and Neck Cancer in the future.

With Love, Anson



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