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(Not a) bright spot on the horizon… ☹️

On Tuesday I saw the consultant oncologist for the first time in ages to get the results back from my latest scans. In fact she was the one who recommended I get a scan done when I mentioned I had some unusual symptoms in 2021, which subsequently showed new tumours across both lungs. My new scans were largely OK in that they showed that the 6 lung tumours (should I name them?) have stayed the same size. So yay.

However, they also showed two new bright spots, which is not so great. She thinks that they are most likely inflammation, but until I get my next scan done in three months, not much more can be said at this time.

I’m willing myself to believe that this is the case – I’ve been feeling really run-down lately which is at all surprising given the physical and mental exertion of running the Arc of Attrition last month. I’ve even had to abandon my training plan for a bit, and have cut my daily runs down to no more than about 1 mile per day.

Most benign lung nodules are indeed caused by inflammation linked to infection or illness. Also, and who knew, that ultra endurance running, such as a 100 mile race(!) can lead to temporary lung edemas, i.e. swelling due to acute inflammation.

Fingers crossed the consultant’s optimism this week is as well-founded as her caution back in 2021.

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